Words that your grandparents may never have understood, or caught dead using!


If it was possible for you to have a conversation with your great grandparents today, and you could only use words that we have become familiar with in normal conversation, do you think that they would have understood us, or would it just sound like a foreign language to them?
It probably would be a very amusing conversation, if you were given that opportunity, because  words are constantly changing, and not always for the better!

Take a look at some of the words or expressions that we have collected, and tell us what you think….
Some of these expressions may be quite familiar to you already, but keep going, some are actually quite funny!

Gay used to mean light-hearted, happy and carefree now it refers to someone who is a homosexual

“Toots” used to be the name that your grandparents called someone the same way we would say sweetie or honey, but now it means someone who is snorting cocaine.

“Coke” still means the soda drink,true, but it also means cocaine which is interesting because the drink “Coke” actually did contain cocaine when it was first manufactured!

Head does mean the head on your shoulders, but a quick look on the Internet shows that it could also mean the toilet on a ship, don’t know why, however in addition to those it also means someone who smokes marijuana on a regular basis.

Which brings me to pot, normally referring to a utensil we cook in, but now also refers to marijuana.

Cookie is a food object but it’s also a tracking device that is place on a computer by a website to track your internet activities, or surfing  habits.

Crack was something you stepped on or as the saying goes, to break your mother’s back.  🙂  Now it’s one of the illegal and very popular drugs that people use!

“Wicked” used to only mean “evil”, but now it can also mean “great”, Weird eh?

“Bad” use to mean the same as “wicked”. But it also means good as well today.

Spin: used to mean rotate. Now it refers to someone who lies , or someone trying to tell a story that is not quite true.

Neck is a part of our anatomy still, but it also means to kiss.

Cool use to mean just plain cold, nowadays it also means awesome, great, fantastic, it could also mean that you are ok with an idea or thing.

Chilled also use to mean that something was cold and still does, but if you told someone to chill, it can also mean that you think that they were overreacting in a particular situation or was getting stressed about something that you thought was quite silly.

If you refer to someone of the opposite sex as a babe, you are not saying that you think that they are young, but that you actually think that they were hot, pretty and attractive.

If you bust someone, it does not mean that you hurt them, but that you caught them doing something that was wrong.

Busted, as well, does not mean that you broke something, but that you were caught doing something that you shouldn’t have, but a quick look on the Internet, shows that  this has change again, now it could also mean that someone is ugly, imagine that!

To have a crush on someone, does not mean you sat on them or hurt them in any way, but that you are really attracted to them or like them very much.

To curry favour, may seem as if you want to flavour food, but that could not be further from the truth, to curry favour means to ingratiate yourself to someone, perhaps doing something pleasing for them, so that they would like us, amazing eh?

I read recently that the word “ride” refers to footwear, sneakers, before it was use only to talk about or refer to someone’s car, here’s my ride, for example, now it’s changed into something that’s very different, how do you like my sneakers, my ride, particularly with regard to the expensive brands!

If someone says that “they were beat”, it does not mean that someone did something terrible to them, it simple means that they were tired or exhausted.

If someone says that they are pumped, it does not mean that they have become inflated, or full of wind, it only means they have a lot of energy, adrenaline and have become very excited.

If someone said that they had a blast, it certainly does not mean that something exploded, it only means that they had a very enjoyable time, certainly much more positive that the actual words sounds, doesn’t it?

I am going to take a wiz, what does that actually mean, really, and if we say it to an older person, would they understand what we mean?
Going to take a wiz, only means that we are going to the bathroom to urinate, or pee.

Bob’s your uncle, what does this actually mean, Bob’s your uncle? Bob is not really my uncle!
It only means that, that’s all there is to it, that you were able to accomplish something, and that’s it! You turn the key, you press the button and the thing performed exactly in the way it should, Eureka!

I am sure that this list could be longer…Maybe you can think of much more than I can.
If you can think of anymore, feel free to add them in the comment section below, plus some of these words may have change again without my knowledge, so please bear with me.. and thanks for dropping by….

So do you find yourself using words, today, that you wouldn’t have been caught dead using when you were younger?

Here is an interesting video by Haley D on Youtube “Teaching my grandparents internet slang” You can find the video on YouTube but here is the link for your convenience : http://youtube/fTG9w9yxIqE:

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