Should these things count anymore?

Probably this is the ranting and raving of one individual, but I still want to know what you think I must say here that this is not meant to be great writing.
It’s just created to start asking questions, and then take a moment to reflect.
You are free to disagree, and by all means add your own info,
As a matter of fact I welcome your input!
So here goes……….

I grew up under a system where if you walk down the street people did not avert their eyes, but actually look at you and said good morning.
Actually young people were expected to be polite.
It wasn’t a time when you felt fearful, the opposite was true really.
It was a time when trust was paramount, we felt safe in the presence of everyone.
You could move around the neighborhood
I am not saying that the past was perfect, it certainly wasn’t, however certain norms were accepted and evident.

Maybe what I am saying could seem controversial to some, but I just want to know what you think.
We call them the good old days, but then I realize that these will be the good old days for our children today, however bad they may be.
I remember a time when we had no running water or electricity in our home, we used candles and lamps for lighting.
And had to go to the corner stand pipe for  a bath, often times disappearing when someone approach, especially our friends from school, because we were often without clothes.
I can not remember having a fridge or stove, but I am sure for many older folks it was still the good old days!

What really made them the good old days? After all they were filled with problems as well!
I grew up spending most of my time on the beach, when we did not have chores.
But we were lucky to have our clothes darned and stitched.
Today if a kid does not have a cell phone or a digital camera, it becomes a world stopping disaster!
So what do you think, can we really consider the years gone by as the good old days?
Or do we view them that way, because it was all we had to deal with?
I remember that the 
neighbourhood took care of you.
Today if you walk down some streets, depending on the time of day, you would really be taking your life in your hands, why is that?

With the amount of progress we made in today’s society, you would think that we would be beyond that!
After all we do consider ourselves an enlighten society.

So why do we see so much crime, abuse and corruption everywhere?
I can bet that every house has a washer and dryer, even a dishwasher, you name it, we have it!
Yet with all of that comes pollution, locks, alarms, why is that?
What do you consider as the good old days?




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