Words that your grandparents may never have understood, or caught dead using!

If it was possible for you to have a conversation with your great grandparents today, and you could only use words that we have become familiar with in normal conversation, do you think that they would have understood us, or would it just sound like a foreign language to them?
It probably would be a very amusing conversation, if you were given that opportunity, because  words are constantly changing, and not always for the better!

Take a look at some of ...

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Should these things count anymore?

Probably this is the ranting and raving of one individual, but I still want to know what you think I must say here that this is not meant to be great writing.
It’s just created to start asking questions, and then take a moment to reflect.
You are free to disagree, and by all means add your own info,
As a matter of fact I welcome your input!
So here goes……….

I ...

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Preserving the past for future generations

The next generation, would it be anything like ours, or would it be better?
Would they take advantage of the lessons learn in the past or would they just simply ignore them and move on? Destined to repeat the same mistakes we made all over again?
Personally I think young people are more aware and more concerned about things around them, at least more aware than I was! They seem to make it a point to be aware, or to be ...

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