A little about us!…

First we want to say, welcome to Digiart Imaging Group, we are so happy that you are able to join us, and we would be rather remiss, if we did not say, thank you.

We are an in-home design company operating within the west island area.
Here at Digiart Imaging Group we try to always offer you not only an uncomplicated but straight forward solution for your design needs, because we truly believe that simplicity is more effective and can really have a much more powerful impact that the overly complicated and complex designs that we tend to see out on the Internet!

Our goal is to give you the tools, business cards, flyers, logos etc, so that your clientele can find what they are looking for in a fast, simple and easy to grasp format..

Our company was started in the year 2009, however we have 40 years of photographic experience, in actual photographic work and printing!
We will personally work with you in providing the excellence you need, whether your project is small or large!

In fact, it is our mission to provide you with quality work, on time and on budget!