Welcome, we are so happy that you could join us!

Here is a fact that is sometimes overlooked by so many….

Our world have become so innovative , so brilliant, yet we tend to overlook, or you could say even forget, the most simplest of things!

Think about it!

Almost everything that we do, today, has become so easy, that maybe now we have began to take certain processes for granted, even for a little bit…

And so through the years, particularly, with regard to photography, we have accumulated so much, we may have them stored away in boxes, really, who knows where, thinking that now, they will certainly be safe for all those that would come after us!

But though this is hard to accept, with time, all the materials that were used to developed our precious images, will eventually break down, and there is really, very little we could do about it! True, we are able to delay it a little bit, but unfortunately, this deterioration is inevitable!

So as the years go by, most of us, now have in our possession, old family pictures that have become faded, cracked, scarred, or have pieces missing!

Wouldn’t it be great to have those precious old photograph memories restored to their original condition? So that your family can have something of you for generations to come!

If that is your objective, then most certainly we invite you to view our portfolio, which showcases some of our latest restorations……

We will bring your ideas to life!


According to www.Agda.Com.Au, “the definition of a graphic designer is one who has the artistic sensibility, skill and experience and/or training professionally to create designs or images for reproduction by any mmeans of visual communication, and who may be concerned with illustration; typography; calligraphy; surface design for packaging; or the design of patterns, books, advertising and publicity material, or any form of visual communication.”
We think that, that definition hits the mark very accurately, and we have spent years perfecting our craft to meet that very ideal!

Believe us when we say that any project, left with us, will be 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Indeed, It will be right the first time!
And so believe us when we say you can trust your project to us!

Why restoration matters…….
Esquire magazine writer Cal Fussman, a while back interviewed Robert De Niro, he asked the actor if he had any regrets, and De Niro said that he wished he had made a film about his family. But it was too late. ”when a parent dies,” De Niro said, “it’s the end.” fussman wrote: he told me he’d always wanted to chronicle his family history through his mother. He sensed a part of her wanted to do it, too, and he offered to send over some people to record it. But she was a little antsy, so he backed off. Not long afterward, she died. And what he wanted to preserve for his children was gone….
With time, the past does recede, and most of us usually do wish we had kept a more complete personal visual family record. Well, Digiart Imaging Group is all about preserving that visual past, for you! In fact we are committed to that very thing!

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Oh, my word!!! Tell people about your service, I’m going to scream to people about it! This is the BEST photo restoration, I’ve ever seen! I’ve had very few pictures restored, but let me tell you next time I have an immediate family photo restored, you’re getting my business! I year ago had FujiFilm restore a few of my images (Wal-mart service), they pale in comparison. I never expected such a fast turnaround! My cousin will be crying when she sees this! I’m going to frame this beautifully for her! THANK YOU!!!
    –Sincerely, DD

  • I had a photo re-done and touched up of my grandfather from when he was in his early 20′s. I was really pleased with the out come. I gave it to my mother she was happy to have a piece of her family history. Thank-you Digiart Imaging

  • Topnotch Professional service. This is what comes to my mind when I hear the words, Digiart Imaging. Gladstone proved to be very reliable, fast and with lots of patience. He also has a very friendly disposition. My Real Estate colleagues and I that used his services, received wonderful looking business cards and flyers. I have received many compliments,on all my business cards. I would highly recommend his services and I intend to use Digiart Imaging again in the near future. As the owner also says” I’m not happy unless your happy” He works until its perfect. I am very happy I found this graphic designer
    –Barbara Wilson-Bloe Royal Lepage Groupe Newton

  • I had a very old framed charcoal drawing that I wanted digitized and printed. I was very concerned about possible damage to the very fragile original drawing. Having now received the superb prints, I am very pleased with the care and professionalism of Digiart Imaging – fast, efficient and top-notch service I highly recommend.
    Carole Scheffer

  • Thank you very much, We have used Digiart Imaging many times in the past few years and all work done by them has been very professional, they took the time to listen to our needs, and ALL work has come back exactly how we imagined it would be. We are very happy to recommend Digiart Imaging to anyone looking to make any kind advertisement.

    Déménagement Rive-Sud